This handbag clutch was one of the famous fashion brand bags from Dior in the past as well, and Dior decided to reinvent thier iconic bag once again. They reinvented and reintroduces this luxurious, and elegant bag to the audience already loyal to the brand. Dior initially introduced this bag back in 1999 and 2000 and audiences loved this bag. This bag became a peice of art and also a classical masterpiece of female fashion products.


This bag has been worn by a lot of celebrities including Rehana, she was pictured with this bag in an event in Hollywood, apart from Rehana many other top Hollywood celebrities have also been seen carrying the Dior Saddle Bag variants.


Dior is an international fashion brand that was founded in 1946, and since than they have been delivering the best quality, luxurious products. Their products are highly appreciated by the European and American audience. Their high-end products are liked by many celebrities and fashion enthusiasts. They design and produce a lot female clothing and accessories including the Saddle Bags.



Below are the details about the features, like available colors, design psychology, materials, and prices of this product.



The dior saddle bag replica is available in different colors, including the iconic black color, cloud blue goatskin, beige shiny, black grained, camel color, denim color, multicolor, and red as well. All these available colors make it a match for every type of party and every color of suit that you can wear.




The Dior’s Saddle Bag is designed by the John Galliano, his inspiration for the design of this Dior’s Saddle Bag was 12 nations that inspired all the 12 designs that we see in these bags. The bag has a beautiful shape and color scheme. The bad also has a strap attached to it if you do not want to keep it in the hand you can strap it around the arm and walk freely. John Galliano made this design to be a simple, and classic masterpeice. This bag is available in a lot of different shapes as well.




All the materials that are used in the making of this bag are high quality. From leather to colors and structural materials of the bag all are made with high-end materials to ensure the most luxurious experience. Different bag variants are made up of different materials, including different kinds of luxurious leather and other products.



The price of the different variants of this bag is different, starting from 3000 USD. The price of the high-end variants can be up to 4000$ and the price of some small bags can also be between 1200 to 1700$. The prices can varry depending upon the regions and store you look for, (these are the prices from official website).