Dior Earrings:


Earrings are a part of a woman's attire and dress. Women love to wear them, apart from being a necessity to complete the dress code of a beautiful lady, they are also an item of luxury and art. There are a lot of different earrings offered by different brands, and Dior earrings are one of them as well.


Earrings are one of the best products that Dior offers to its client. Dior Earrings are a high-end and luxurious fashion jewelry item. They are always a part of every fashion collection that Dior launches. Different types of these earrings are offered by the brand itself, a huge collection can be seen on the official website of the Dior as well. All these beautiful Earrings are not only a piece of jewelry but also a piece of art as well.

Dior Brand:


Christian Dior SE, is commonly known as the Dior brand, is a french high-end luxury fashion brand that offers a range of products related to clothing and accessories. Among these products, Earrings are also one of the top products. Dior’s Earrings are made with gold and are embroidered with a beautiful design. They also contain different beautiful crystals that increase the beauty of these earrings.




Different types of earrings are offered by Dior, below are the details of a few most famous branded earrings offered by Dior.


  • Small Studs:

These are small size studs offered by Dior, these stud earrings are made with gold and are fitted with beautiful crystals that allow them to shine. They have an average price of about 400$.

  • Gold and Crystal fitted Earrings:

These are large size earrings and have chains attached to them. These chains are made with fine gold and fitted with glittering crystals. These earrings are pretty massive and cost more than 1000 $.

  • Tribales earrings:

The Tribales earrings are one of the special types of Earrings that are offered by the Dior. These earrings showcase a modern and iconic design feature. These earrings can cost up to 2000$.

  • Paris Earrings:

Named after the French capital, Paris Earrings are one of the most elegant and beautifully designed earrings. These earrings can cost you up to 1000$.




Each type of Dior Earrings have different features, but luxury and use of Gold, crystals, and other high-end materials are common. These earrings come in all sizes from small studs to large crystal chained earrings. Each type of Earring has a different size and weight allocated to it. Most of these have a CD design feature. Their most famous Petit CD Earrings have a beautiful finish and an elegant and modern design.




Dior is a luxurious brand and everything they offer has a very high price tag. There are a lot of available options available to the customers but all of these are high priced. The prices start from a mere 400$ and can go up to 3000$. Almost every earring set has a different price range.