As a lady, we love beautiful and elegant accesorries. The exquisite item make us feel good and happy. We want to own many beautiful item , especially the luxury.

From last year, I love the very hot Gucci 1955 horsebit bag.  Do you all girls hear about the bag ?

Last year, Gucci launch the bag.

Gucci horsebit is consist of dual ring and bar. It is first time to appear on Gucci classic loafers. Then it appears on the bag design.

It has always been one of Gucci ’s most iconic elements.

When you see the icon, you will know the one is from Gucci. It like the GG icon.


I would like to share with you more and you will love it completely.

The bag size and strap design is practical. How providential of the vintage and the timeless classic appearance. All of these make the bag to be top popular bag.

Among of these. I love following one. It is GG Supreme coated canvas with contrasting leather trim. It is full of vintage vibe.

The line of the bag is microfiber with a suede-like finish. I like the lining very much. It is high end. Small items like keys, or lipstick can be stored on the back interior pocket. It has zip pocket inside. The size and style is perfect for everyday bag.  Besides. It is structure and have beautiful craftsmanship.

But when we see the luxury price, the price make me feel not good. I have to pay rent, maintenance and have no other money to pay a pretty penny for the bag. It is totally out of my budget.

I love it very much and I eager to own one. But the original one price is 2300 USD. It is crazy.

So I am looking for replica gucci 1955 horsebit bag. We know there are so many seller online. I do not know which one is scam. And even if it is not a scam and how to know the quality.

My friend and I try many online orders and find a good replica bag website

The salesgirl tell me they go into this business for more than 10 years.

Most of our customers are from Europe and North America.

like Italy, France, America, and Canada.

About products quality,

Each product that we have made is according to original seriously,  the same material ,same color, and the same size.

So I bought the Gucci 1955 horsebit bag from them. Pls click here

After I receive the bag . The quality is amazing. It has Dustbag and Authenticity Cards.

The horsbit icon is very precise same as the original one. The GG  monogram pattern on cavans is very clear and symmetric. And the hardware looks high end. We also pay attention to the stitching. All the stitching is also very even.

So I like the replica bags from

I will share more information in the future.