Your sense of smell is the first way to find out if there is something original. The skin aroma has an unforgettable aroma and is very unique. The aroma of his skin is modest and fun. This is not an extraordinary odor, but that is what you will know instantly after the first time you kissed it. Some people report that genuine skin has a sweet aroma, while others describe it have the aroma of old oak.

Imitation leather vs. real skin
In addition to your sense of smell, your sense of sight can help you determine whether your bag is fake or genuine leather. Various types of leather can help you determine whether the bag you consider is genuine leather. For example, a wallet advertised as full wheat skin must have visible pores. Because full wheat skin is animal skin, these pores will be easily recognized. Some full wheat skin will also have hair follicles; This is usually seen when using a magnifying glass.

Other skin types
Not all leather bags are full wheat skin or have visible pores. However, general imperfections in many layers of the skin. There are other ways that you can know whether the bag is an authentic leather when you use another reason.

The difference between genuine and fake skin
Your touch can help you in determining the authenticity of a leather bag. When you compare genuine skin and imitation leather, you will see that both ingredients can be soft, rough, or textured. However, the texture of the genuine leather is rough compared to the perfect plastic appearance of the imitation leather.

The consistency of the seeds of the original leather
Another way you can compare genuine skin with imitation skin is a skin. The original leather bag will have a random seed pattern. Fake bags leather will have consistent granules of printed patterns. The uniformity of this pattern is the gift you check the imitation leather bag. Many genuine leather bags will often have imperfections, color changes, and other types of defects. Fake skin has no defects or imperfections because it is produced and not brown.

Genuine skin flexibility
If you have difficulty distinguishing genuine leather from imitation leather, you want to test how flexible the bag material is. Original skin is very flexible and can be stretched a little. If you hold the wall of the wallet and pull it, the skin will give a little. However, imitation skin is not flexible. There will be no giving in the material when you gently pull the wall of the imitation leather wallet. This is another telltale sign you can cross out your list when determining whether the handbag is genuine leather or imitation leather.

Genuine skin warmth
Cool imitation skin when touched. As a comparison, genuine skin will feel a little warmer. In the right conditions, such as sun exposure or hot sources, the skin will absorb heat because it is a natural ingredient. Imitation skin cannot absorb heat, only reflects it.

Bag label
The clearest way to determine whether the wallet is genuine leather or imitation leather is the label. If the bag label states man -made material, you can be sure that the bag is not leather. When you check the genuine leather bag, you will usually find the label identifying it as genuine leather. The original leather wallet manufacturer wants to advertise the true value of their products so that customers will know the bag they buy is genuine leather.

Women in the Shop See a Leather Bag
Perform a thorough handbag inspection
If the wallet does not have a label, the handbag can easily become an imitation leather. However, you must thoroughly check the wallet for various differences between genuine leather bags and fake leather bags.