Ladies' bag remains one of the style statements for several years. Smart women love to carry bags of unique designs to make their mark. And, if the bag is from the house of Balenciaga, then there could not be any better choice.

Why Balenciaga?

Balenciaga bags are one of the most popular in the fashion world due to their rare designs. The quality is also premium and only selective people carry this bag. Balenciaga bags come in attractive colors and its logo is printed on the front side. There remains an internal zip pocket and offers you a style to carry.

Balenciaga Bag Replica

Like any other popular product, Balenciaga bags are also available at less prices. Now the question is, does the company sell those premium quality products at a throwaway price? Or even the price remains the same, how you can check whether the bag you are purchasing is an original one or a Balenciaga bag replica? These bags are not only classic and iconic but costly too. As it is a very popular one, so there might be several replicas available in the market. You need to be cautious in that and must have the idea of original Balenciaga bags.

Let’s check how you can authenticate a genuine Balenciaga bag.

Balenciaga Bag Style Number

Any genuine Balenciaga bag will bear a style number that is etched in metal. This is put on the main label and also matches the style of the bag. Using any search engine on the Internet, you can easily find whether this style number is given by the company or has been mentioned arbitrarily. This is one of the best ways to find the replica of Balenciaga bags. If this is a replica, then it might bear the style number of different Balenciaga style bags or even some random digits only.

Bag Label

There is a significant change in the Balenciaga bag label also. In earlier models, an ‘underscore’ (_) was used in the logo between the words Balenciaga and Paris. It looked like Balenciaga_Paris. Now the underscore has been replaced by a dot (.) and it resembles Balenciaga.Paris. From this, you can easily identify the replica model. Also, nickel is now used in the plate instead of silver used earlier. This also can be a good option to find the genuineness of Balenciaga bags.

Main Interior Label

The inside label of any Balenciaga product bears the authenticity of the product. In some cases, the name is etched on the metal nameplates whereas in other cases, the brand name is stamped on the leather. The clean and crisp stamp on the original Balenciaga bags is distinct from any smudged ones in replicas. Irrespective of the color of the product and style of the bag, the stitching on any Balenciaga bag is made with black threads. This is another easy way to distinguish between an original and a replica.

Zip of Balenciaga Bags

Balenciaga is very particular about the hardware and accessories they use in their product. It differentiates their product from the rest of the others. A mark “Lampo” remains on the zippers and it carries the same style of the bag also. For example, zippers in Balenciaga bags have round bales on the shoulder straps maintaining the overall design and style of any bag. In replica models, the hardware gets changes and one can easily understand the same if he/she is familiar with the original style. For everyone’s information, Balenciaga has discontinued its bags with rose gold hardware around 7-8 years ago and there is no fresh production of the same type of bags.

There remain some definite hardware styles that are permanent from the house of Balenciaga. Those are RH, FBH, PH, RGGH G21, GH/SGH G21, GCH, etc. The sizes are denoted by using G12, G21, RGGH G21, and GSH/SGH G21.

Material of Balenciaga Bags

Balenciaga uses a special type of leather that is sturdy to use and soft to touch. This unique leather material has made Balenciaga bags a popular one. Every Balenciaga bag has the same soft feeling that you can understand if you touch the leather. It also has some trademark veins. Balenciaga bag replica models are without any texture and the veins in most of the cases are printed. The material of duplicate ones is super smooth, unlike the original one which is sturdy too.

Strap & Handle of Balenciaga Bags

Any premium quality bag is known for its strap and handle. The handles in Balenciaga bags are made from suede leather and gives a raw look, unlike the polished flavor in replica ones. Any original Balenciaga bag comes with a shoulder strap that is made from one piece of material. Both parts are connected with the hardware and one can easily understand the difference from a replica model if noticed carefully.

Being a popular product, the Balenciaga bag replica is nothing new. But as a buyer, you must know how to identify the original one with the above-mentioned tips.