Hermen Kelly are here way longer than even Birkin and other famous hand bags, dating back to 1892. The luxurious designs are a fascinating addition to closets and hands.

Why are Hermes Kelly bags so expensive?

Ranging in 6 figures, the Hermes Kelly bag are said to be the most expensive hand bags round the world. A quite nice bag and even called as an investment better than the gold and stocks.

There are quite reasons with strategic planning along with the quality and colours of the Hermes Kelly Bag. The most important aspect about them is exclusivity. Their demand is always greater than the exclusivity that makes it stand out in the competition. Even with you cannot but the hand bag as its production is limited and the customers can purchase only a limited amount of hand bags.

This also makes a hot reselling market of Hermes Kelly hand bags round the world. With exclusivity the comfort ness, material and handiness of these handbags offers another fascinating experience level.

Is the Hermes Kelly bag named after Grace Kelly?

As of the legend the bag was another Hermes bag until 1977 when it was officially renamed replica Hermes Kelly bag. It is said that the Holly wood star in 1950s was photographed while carrying the bag with her.

With it the bag got an international fame and afterwards was named after her the Kelly.   

Can anyone buy a Hermes bag?

Normally to buy a Hermes bag you can visit Hermes. Birkin cannot be bought directly from Hermes boutique as its ordered and then distributed as of the waiting list. The other aspect is it cannot be bought online. So you will have to visit the boutique to get the Hermes bag.

Another option is to buy a second hand Hermes Kelly hand bag from a boutique but of course there is always a difference of the new and used one, the choice is yours.

Hermes put strict rules on buying so everyone cannot buy the Hermes bag easily by just visiting their boutique. Even some times the waiting lists stretch from 6 months to even a year.

What is the cheapest Hermes bag?

In competition even among Hermes the Hermes Kelly hand bad stands at the top. But when it comes to price there are options for other Hermes bags to. Epsom is normally said to be the cheapest Hermes bag available. The difference is due to the material as the same bag of other materials like Evercolor, swift, tadelakt are higher than the bag with Epsom used within it.

How do you carry a Hermes Kelly bag?

Kelly hand bag comes with a detachable strap to carry it on the shoulder. With it the short handle on the Kelly handbag lets you to carry it like tote. It can be carried with the arm crook an even with the hand.

How much is a Hermes Kelly bag?

A quite common question is how much does a Hermes Kelly hand bag costs?  The answer is not accessible easily as even google doesn’t knows about it. Kelly hand bags are not even listed on the Hermes website.

The Hermes Kelly hand bags cost varies in each reign along with the size too. O average the price is expected in range from 10,000to 20,000 USD.

Are Hermes bags worth buying?

It is said that Hermes Kelly and Birkin are even a better investment than the stocks and the gold. Apart from the renowned beauty of Hermes Kelly bag they are an evergreen asset. In terms of satisfaction it stands among the top hang bags ever in the industry.

When it comes to investment the Hermes Hand bags value is always increasing. Let me share another secret about Hermes bags. The resellers usually sell Hermes hand bags at a mark-up of 50 and even 100% of the original price.

You can check it out by comparing the price at Hermes outlets and on the other boutiques and resellers price. Normally these are wardrobe not financial investments and the level of satisfaction one gets with Hermes Kelly handbag is worth the price even if you weren’t the fan of Kelly Grace its worth getting one Hermes Jelly hand bag if you get one.