When you first see the Gucci 1955 horsebit bag, you may think it looks familiar and full of vintage. Yes. In fact, it was a redesign of the original Horesbit design in the 1950s.

The Gucci horsebit consists of double rings and crossbars. The designer provides three styling designs- shoulder bag, messenger bag and bucket bag. Each contains the Gucci brand logo: the horsebit, which is an archival detail from the 1950s. It was the first time it was used on a handbag since Michele was appointed in 2015.

This time, we will introduce the Gucci 1955 horsebit shoulder bag in detail. Why choose a shoulder bag? Because it may be your daily travel bag, you will be surprised when you see it in person.

The shoulder bag comes with a pair of G-colored printed canvas with brown or red leather trim, or simple solid leather. In addition to brown and red full leather styles, the exclusive 

blue plain leather shoulder bag is also equipped with the brand name blue red blue velvet webbing, highlighting the brand's unique contemporary aesthetic.

All aspects of the Gucci 1955 Horsebit shoulder bag make it an excellent bag: a tribute to classics, monogram canvas or leather, clean lines, multiple interpretations and ideal overall dimensions. When you combine all the elements of a handbag, Gucci 1955 Horsebit is the best perfect handbag, and celebrities and influential people love the bag.

First of all, the front and middle are the horsebit details, of course, this is very unique. It is displayed on the leather flap of the bag. Each side of the bag has a smaller horsebit gold-tone detail. It is in a small position on the front of the bag, you can easily find it, but it cannot let you completely ignore the design of the entire bag. My favorite version features leather and monogram GG canvas, but if you want, there are also all leather versions and ostrich leather.

The Gucci 1955 Horsebit shoulder bag can be easily placed in a handbag closet like a classic daily bag, providing the right size to meet your needs without having to study the world of oversized tote bags and shoulder bags.

In fact, since the length of the shoulder strap can be adjusted, ranging from 9.8 inches to 17.7 inches, the bag can fit snugly under the arm and can be used for shoulder and cross-body. The overall size is 9.8 inches (width) x 7 inches (height) x 3.1 inches (depth), the interior design fully considers the compartment and space.

Then, the weight of the bag is approximately: 0.84kg. It is light and convenient. Even if it contains a lot of things, it will not be very heavy.Your shoulders are very comfortable.

Seeing this bag in person, something surprising. First of all, its width and depth are much larger than I thought before. Although it is incredibly stylish and structured, it has a large capacity. Despite its stiffness, since the flap easily slides in and out of the flap closure , the bag can be easily accessed.

It is important to note that although I have found that the bag remains firmly closed, there are no magnetic elements at work here. The inside of the bag is lined with microfiber and has a suede-like appearance. The inner pocket on the back of the bag is very useful for storing small items (such as keys or chopsticks), otherwise these things can easily fall into it and hard be found.

Although we initially liked the overall appearance of this bag because of its vintage vibe, adjustable strap and iconic design, its quality and ease of use are as impressive as its appearance. I found this bag to be very easy to use and wear-no matter the size or style, it is the perfect everyday bag. The exquisite craftsmanship of this handbag is also very obvious. This is what a lot of designers say today when they are struggling with quality control issues.

What about the timeless and hot Gucci 1955 horse bag? The original price of leather and Monogram GG canvas was $1670. Is it over budget? Gucci replica bags provide you with high quality at a low price.